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    June 07, 2020

    On Wednesday, June 10, the River Arts Center will re-open from 1-4 PM, and will be open Wednesdays through Saturdays during those hours. Please note the change as we are only open Sundays now for receptions and special programs. The River Arts Center is located at 229-5th Ave. South in downtown Clinton, Iowa, with all exhibits free of charge. We also have a gift shop. There will be a reception for the artists on Sunday, June 14, from 1:30 to 4:00 PM with social distancing. This display will be open only through July 4.

    The opening exhibit is a display of watercolors by Bonnie Temperley of Clinton, her son Ben Temperley of Geneseo, and Randall Bonjeur of Pensacola, Florida, and Savanna, IL. Many of the paintings are of birds, fish, and other animals, but flowers and landscapes are included as well.

    Bonnie is a well-known artist in Clinton. A lifelong artist, she majored in Art Education at U.W. Platteville. After teaching Art for thirty five years, she retired to pursue her love of watercolor and pastel painting and has enjoyed taking many workshops under master painters. She has displayed her work at the Artists' Co-op in Savanna, Illinois and Mercy South in Clinton as well as the River Arts Center where she has also served on the Board of the Clinton Art Association which operates the gallery., and has taught classes for adults and children. Her inspiration is mostly God's gorgeous creation where she sees "paintings" everywhere she looks. She tries to give each painting a life and spirit that hopefully transcends the realism of the photo or setup that she paints from. If she does that,she gets a most satisfying feeling, and sure enough, she wants to paint again!

    Ben Temperley credits his mother for introducing him to the joys of art. Finding inspiration from the natural world, he seeks to capture the beauty in his travel adventures in various mediums, including watercolor and pastel. His delightful animal paintings include a lion, bison, and a giraffe. Originally from Clinton, he now resides in Geneseo, Illinois. He received his Masters Degree in Architecture from Southern Illinois University and is currently employed as an architect at Joseph Architectural Group in Rock Island, Illinois. His four children enjoy having his art work on their walls as well.

    Randall Bonjeur was born in Clinton and graduated from Quincy College. His first job was at Clinton Lincoln-Mercury. His bend toward art started via a friendship in Alaska with the bird artisdt Randall Compton whose name is unknown in Iowa, but familiar to all Alaskans. Randall Bonjeur wanted to learn watercolor, but life was too busy for this to happen. He retired and left Alaska. Always the avid birder, and with more free time on his hands, he started to paint birds as well as to observe their behavior. At an obscure art show in a church, he encountered a fantastic painting of a blue jay by Bonnie Temperley. He dialed the phone number on the card and thirty two lessons later commissions for his paintings of colorful birds kept pouring in. Randall is an employee of State Parks of Florida, leading bird groups and lecturing on the ever-changing dynamics of migration, bird calls and behaviors.


    Martha Hayes, Vice President
    (563) 243-3300