• Low Interest Rates Ignite Housing Sales

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    August 02, 2019
     “Homebuyers, encouraged by unexpectedly lower mortgage rates in 2019, have created a tailwind - helping to boost demand and inspire existing homeowners to sell their homes.” 
    Mark Fleming Chief Economist at First American 
    4% fewer properties were sold in our region through June this year than last year. But as always there was considerable variability from market to market as shown on our Regional Real Estate Activity Chart, attached. A sampling is below: 
    % Change in Number of Properties Sold First 6 Months       # Sold      % Change
    Burlington Area                                                                              468             +3%
    Cedar Rapids Area                                                                     2,276              -2%
    Clinton/Fulton Area                                                                        282             +8%
    DeWitt Area                                                                                     76              -4%
    Dubuque Area                                                                               608             -14%
    Galena & Galena Territory                                                               61             -36%
    Galesburg Area                                                                              250               -5%
    Iowa City Area                                                                             1,533               -3%
    Muscatine/Wilton Area                                                                   258                 0%
    Southwest Wisconsin Area                                                            222                -11% 

    Nationally, the National Association of Realtors and others project improving sales for the remaining months of the year. This is predicated on more inventory than last year, the decline in mortgage rates, moderating home price appreciation, improving affordability, and strong job prospects, particularly for the young adult cohorts that are buying their first homes.  
    Home Prices Appreciating The good news is that our regional, stable market continues to enjoy appreciation in our real estate values. Specific appreciation rates by market are shown, attached. Affordable homes are appreciating much more than expensive homes.  
    Great Time to Refinance With interest rates at their lowest levels in 3 years, this is a good time to look into refinancing. People refinance for a variety of reasons: to reduce their monthly payments, to get cash to invest in income property or other investments, to pay off higher interest rate debt, or to do home improvements. It is worth going to Ruhl Mortgage’s website to check out your options or apply online at ​www.ruhlmortgage.com​. It is easy to use via your phone, tablet or computer. Or call 866-441-1862. 
    Interest rates, as of July 22, with no points were: 15-year Conventional Fixed 3.125% 30-year Conventional Fixed 3.625% FHA/VA 30-year Fixed 3.250% 5/1 ARM (Adjustable Rate Mortgage) 3.750% 
    Caroline Ruhl, CEO & Owner
    (563) 441-5219