• Honeybee Management, Session II

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    February 07, 2019
    Sunday, February 24
    1:00 PM
    Back by popular demand (or perhaps, more likely, due to our insatiable fascination with the complex nature of honeybees), the Andresen Nature Center will be hosting a follow-up discussion on these industrious little insects in late February. This session’s primary focus will be tailored towards newer beekeepers and those interested in starting their own apiaries.

    This month’s topics will cover such things as basic equipment set-up, tips on getting a colony safely bedded into their new home, preparing for “The Spring Flow,” hive inspections, and monitoring for pests. However, bring your questions on any bee-related issues you may be encountering, as we will gladly cover any specific problems or concerns you may have.

    Our more-experienced beekeepers are also welcome to attend, but they will be encouraged to break off into a separate discussion group to cover more nuanced and detailed issues, relevant to their specific interests or concerns.

    And yes, we do plan to hold sessions about every other month throughout 2019, simply because there is so much to know, speculate, and prognosticate about concerning the tending of honeybees and their complex social behaviors.

    Led by Mike Kramer, one of our local beekeepers and the consultant for the Nature Center’s observation beehive, the event will be both entertaining and educational. Basic hive boxes and equipment will be on hand for demonstrations. In addition, the observation hive at the Center has survived the cold snap in good to excellent condition and their home in the winter nuc will be on hand for inspection.

    There is no charge for attending this event, but please contact the Nature Center if you are planning to attend, as comfortable seating will be prioritized for those with a reservation:
     (815) 208 – 7059.

    The Andresen Nature Center is located at 409 North 4th Street in Fulton, immediately adjacent to Heritage Canyon.

    This will again be a truly educational, engaging, and - perhaps at times if we’re feeling mischievous – a somewhat controversial event, so don’t miss it!
    Deb Ervin, Tourism Director
    (815) 589-2616