• Clinton County Launches Broadband Survey

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    August 20, 2021
    Clinton County is strongly encouraging citizens to share their internet experiences by participating in the Clinton County Broadband Survey being launched this week.

    Two different versions of the survey are available online, one for residential internet customers and one for business internet customers. Both surveys are designed to measure customer satisfaction and internet connection performance and help discover barriers to internet adoption.

    Links to both surveys are available at http://www.ourbroadbandfuture.com/clinton-county.html The host website also has information about upcoming meetings, questions and answers about the study and internet service in general, and educational materials about broadband.

    In addition to questions about citizen’s internet experiences, the survey also includes a speed test to measure actual internet speeds at the residential or business location. Participants are strongly encouraged to take that speed test using a device that is not a mobile device but is connected to their home internet connection.  Conducting the test with a device that is connected directly to the home gateway or router through a network cable is preferred over testing when connected by Wifi, as it gives the most accurate measure of the internet provider’s performance.

    Clinton County residents with Facebook accounts are also encouraged to follow the progress of the survey and broader study on a new Facebook page that was set up to provide information. This page is available at www.facebook.com/clintoncountystudy.             

    The Clinton County Broadband Survey is part of a larger, comprehensive study being conducted by a team of advisors working with community leaders and internet providers to identify gaps in broadband coverage throughout the county and to engage with key stakeholders. Group meetings will be held with persons involved in agriculture, economic development, education, health care, and the public sector. At least one public meeting will be held in September at a time to be announced later.

    The survey will be available online through the end of September.

    Eric Van Lancker, Auditor
    auditor@clintoncounty-ia.gov, (563) 244-0575