• Director of Strategic Planning

    Sisters of St. Francis, Clinton, Iowa
    Job Description

    General Summary:                                                                                                                    
    The mission of the Sisters of St. Francis is to live and promote active nonviolence and peacemaking.  The Franciscan Peace Center is a ministry of the Clinton Franciscans and promotes the mission through advocacy and programming.

    The Director of Strategic Planning works as part of a team with two other persons: the Director of Programming and the Director of Digital Outreach and Advocacy. The team creates a dynamic future for the Franciscan Peace Center and facilitates its functioning. The team is responsible for coordinating communications, collaboration, outreach and advocacy efforts, and designing initiatives and programs.
    The Director of Strategic Planning’s primary responsibility is to assist the Leadership Team in facilitating the evolution of the Center and in creating a long-term direction for the Center.  The Director of Strategic Planning provides vision and strategic and operational leadership using a collaborative approach, both internally and externally.
    Principal Duties and Responsibilities:
    1. Develop and implement a strategic direction for the Center

    • Publicly promote the mission through advocacy and programming

    • Ensure active nonviolence remains at the core and permeates activities

    • Utilize the Laudato Si’ Action Platform, which includes the corporate stands and anti-racism efforts, as the basis for the Center’s services

    • Expand services and programs, especially to an intergenerational audience

    • Establish an active and engaged Franciscan Peace Center Advisory Committee

    2.  Increase and create collaborative relationships

    • Expand collaboration with community organizations and other like-minded organizations regionally, nationally, and internationally

    • Foster networking to build and contribute to movements for systemic change

    • Strengthen participation by, and communication with, Sisters, Sojourners, and Associates

    • Monitor and maintain relationships with local, state, and national legislators

    3. Manage the day-to-day operations

    • Integrate a collaborative team model aligned with the culture and mission of the Sisters of
      St. Francis

    • Provide guidance, assistance, and support to the team members

    • Provide direction for program development by ongoing assessment of trends and programs

    • Establish and implement a comprehensive public relations direction, in coordination with the Director of Communications and Development

    • Create an annual plan in collaboration with other Center team members

    • Prepare the annual budget and track expenditures

    • Supervise and evaluate team members

    • Provide for on-going staff development

    • Provide updates to the Leadership Team

    4.  Perform other duties as directed by the Leadership Team
    Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Required:

    1. Alignment with the values, spirituality, charism, and mission of the Clinton Franciscans

    2. Knowledge of religious life and Catholic Social Teaching preferred

    3. Minimum of a bachelor’s degree in social justice, peace studies, spirituality, non-profit management, public relations, or related fields

    4. Experience in nonprofit administration, including working with a board of directors or
      advisory committee

    5. Experience working as part of a team

    6. Strategic planning skills

    7. Experience and involvement in active nonviolence, social justice, climate change, or
      anti-racism efforts

    8. Basic knowledge of state and federal legislative procedures

    9. Proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite

    Working Conditions:
    This is a full-time, exempt position with hours required to accommodate responsibilities.
    The Director of Strategic Planning for the Franciscan Peace Center is accountable to the President of the Sisters of St. Francis, Clinton, Iowa, or her designee.
    To Apply:
    Resume with cover letter may be submitted to the Sisters of St. Francis, 843 13th Ave N, Clinton, IA 52732 or emailed to office@clintonfranciscans.com. For more information, call 563-242-7611 or visit www.clintonfranciscans.com/get-involved/employment.

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