• AmeriCorp VISTA (Volunteer)

    United Way of Clinton County, Iowa
    Job Description
    Build a brighter future for low-income families in Clinton County, Iowa by helping build financial management skills that lead to better jobs. Enhance your program management, leadership, communication, and analysis skills.
    Program Description:
    United Way of Clinton County, Iowa works in the areas of Education, Financial Stability, and Health/Wellness to build a better future for all residents.  We work to unite community resources to ensure that everyone in Clinton County has access to a quality education, a sustainable income, and good health.

    As an AmeriCorps volunteer, you will join a great team of staff and volunteers that is committed to excelling at all aspects of service to support the most vulnerable in our county’s communities. This is a great opportunity for someone to serve Clinton County and help residents learn and apply financial management skills to increase their economic status. The successful VISTA applicant will be flexible, self-motivated, detail-oriented, and emotionally intelligent while working within a kind, supportive and resourceful culture.

    As a result of VISTA’s efforts, United Way of Clinton County, Iowa will better understand what combination of income services are currently available to the target community, where gaps in services are, what best practices can be adopted to enhance program impact, and how to leverage United Way of Clinton County, Iowa resources to better achieve our goals. Together with your help, we will transform the lives of the most vulnerable in Clinton County, Iowa.
    Other Benefits:
    On going technical training will be provided by the Executive Director, Administrative Assistant, and Marketing Coordinator. The VISTA will also be directed and encouraged to seek out additional opportunities for skill and professional development to enhance their role including in-person capacity building trainings offered locally or online.
    What Will Your AmeriCorps Do:
    In coordination and collaboration with United Way of Clinton County, Iowa staff, the VISTA’s responsibilities include:

    1) Program Assessment – evaluating the effectiveness of individual financial management programs as well as the range of programs available.
    2) Service Mapping – identifying service gaps.
    3) Research – identify best practices and make recommendations for improved program effectiveness.
    4) Volunteer Recruitment- ensure programs have access to volunteers to expand and sustain programming.
    5) Outreach – help plan, execute, and support volunteer recruitment for two volunteer events that create a greater awareness within the service area about the struggles of people living in poverty.

    Applications close January 14, 2020 and expected start is at the end of February.

    For more information, please drop by, email, or call the office of United Way of Clinton County, Iowa.
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